Exploratory papers

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List of accepted exploratory papers (in submission order)

Kenichi Morita

Making reversible Turing machines in a reversible elementary triangular partitioned cellular automaton

Johan Kopra

Universal Pattern Generation from Aperiodic Configurations

Joonatan Jalonen and Jarkko Kari

Conjugacy of one-dimensional cellular automata is undecidable

Katsunobu Imai, Kyosuke Oroji and Tomohiro Kubota

On weak universality of three-dimensional Larger than Life cellular automaton

Rolf Hoffmann

Algorithms of Cellular Automata Agents Forming a Checkerboard Pattern

Hiroshi Umeo

A Quest for the Smallest Partial FSSP Solutions — Recent Developments —

Marcin Dembowski, Barbara Wolnik, Witold Bołt, Jan M. Baetens and Bernard De Baets

Solving the relaxed density classification problem by means of two-dimensional Affine Continuous Cellular Automata

Stephanie MacLean, Eric Goles and Marco Montalva-Medel

On the block invariance of some one-dimensional linear rules

Adam Dzedzej, Barbara Wolnik, Anna Nenca, Jan M. Baetens and Bernard De Baets

Two-dimensional number-conserving cellular automata with von Neumann neighborhood

Marco Montalva Medel, Kévin Perrot, Pedro de Oliveira and
Eurico Ruivo

Sensitivity to synchronism in some boolean automata networks

Aleksander Bołt, Barbara Wolnik and Witold Bołt

Analysis of the behavior of alpha-asynchronous Cellular Automata using input-frequencies

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23rd International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems